Syracuse University Student Rentals


Will-Co Properties is owned by John O. Williams Jr.   John grew up in the university area of Syracuse and graduated from Syracuse University.   He has rented

housing to SU students for over 30 years.

Having grown up in the business and in the community,

John takes pride in offering sound, clean, well maintained rentals at a fair price.  Each traditional home has it’s own unique personality.  

Our rental season begins in September for the following year, so please call early!


Call Early!!!


Properties Represented:


  Lancaster Avenue

                                                  Ackerman Avenue

  Ackerman Avenue

Sumner Avenue

The apartments:

-Apartment/House sizes range from

2-8  bedrooms             

-5 Blocks from campus

-Lease dates run June 1-May 17

-Convenient quarterly rent plan

-Fully Furnished

-Clean and well maintained

-Utilities not included

-Washer/Dryer included

-Off street Parking


-Classic hardwood construction (floors/woodwork/windows)

-No pets allowed

-Utilities not included

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